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Drilling To The Top Of PISA

WE DID IT AGAIN! But questions were always raised for splendor. Is Singapore School all about drilling as pondered by this article? No way. It seems like people have fallen behind times or perhaps school is still associated to drilling or they just hate that next kid with the best results. Here's the fact from someone who've been through the school systems in Singapore as a student and teacher: Singapore schools use a variety of inquiry and direct approach to help stimulate the curiosity and organise the learning of students while being alert to neuroscience findings and cutting edge technology such as AI and VR. That's the direction we are generally on. We embrace a paradoxical approach of being open and sharing in order to achieve the zenith in developing our the only precious natural resources that we have, that is, the unlimited minds of the future. Sure, results vary with different teachers. But you will be surprised to find stubborn colleagues opening u

Building Our Intelligence One Practice At A Time

Ever had the suspicion that we are just not good enough? You are not alone. This is even more so for our children today when the merit nature of our school pits our children against one another. This may be necessary to stimulate their growth to a certain minimum level within a limited time frame like in an arms race. One side effect of this is when our children take it to heart about the differences in results between him and another individual and start to doubt his ability and potential. The worse part is when parents start to think the same and show it. This is a modern tragedy. Fortunately, research tells us clearly that intelligence is not fixed even though some of us may start off with better 'wiring' for a particular area. We can always learn and practice to become better version of ourselves everyday. This process continues to overhaul our initial 'wiring'. How shall we learn? We can learn by imitating what others are doing. There is nothing wrong wit

Discipline Is The Most Reliable Delivery Man

Does this sound familiar to you? Discipline drives us to do the work we don't like but is required. Discipline keeps our irrational fear in check. Discipline keeps us going when our curiosity, motivation and excitement fizzles out. Dave Berke says it best  in his articl e on the importance of discipline. Fear and anxiety get to us at different times and place. Right now, students are preparing for their prelims and O levels. After all is said and done, holding on to discipline and moving on with discipline will make all the difference. No matter how quick-witted or discerning a student is, O levels test how well-prepared the student is. Students who are able to exercise discipline during this period of time usually handle the O levels examination much better. Unfortunately, we may not get the desired effects when we force discipline down someone's throat. The meat we impose on others is usually deemed as poisonous. They will find us naggy. My students felt that way when

2018 Physics Tuition Rates

Click Here For 2021 Group Tuition Rates O Level Combined Physics 1-1 Tuition: $500 for 4 sessions of 2 hours 1-1 Tuition: $400 for 4 sessions of 1.5 hours Contact Me: October Upgrade For Sec 4: O Level Combined Physics This lesson series prepares students for all the topics. Each 2 hour session will be committed to one of the 4 physics theme for O Levels. The coverage of the 4 themes will be completed in 4 sessions. Time will also be allocated to prime the student towards Practical. Highly Recommended For: Students who want a recap of essential concepts in each topic. Contact Me: Closed for the year. Solid Foundation For Sec 3: O Level Combined Physics This lesson series is for students who want to organise their learning for physics. Student will be taught to manage this subject and score. Highly Recommended For: Sec 3 students who did not do well for physics in Sec 3, want to get this subject taken care of on

About Me

Hello there! I'm here to help students who are struggling with physics! I'm a full time tutor who is an experienced MOE teacher in Singapore. Passing is never an issue for my students and I enjoy the challenge of bringing failing students to the A1 to B3 range. When a student don't understand a concept, there is nothing wrong with his intelligence. He may just require a different perspective which I'm skillful in providing. I'm very patient with students and empathetic of their stress and learning difficulties. For students who are doing well, I will show them the way to prepare and revise more efficiently. They will save time and heartache and have more energy for other subjects. Regardless of where my students are right now in the subject, let them gain an unfair advantage in this subject through my tutelage. Contact Me Now To Arrange. Or email me to place you in the next available group. Contact: / 88702525 Click Here For 2