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2018 Physics Tuition Rates

O Level Combined Physics
1-1 Tuition: $500 for 4 sessions of 2 hours

1-1 Tuition: $400 for 4 sessions of 1.5 hours

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October Upgrade For Sec 4: O Level Combined Physics
This lesson series prepares students for all the topics. Each 2 hour session will be committed to one of the 4 physics theme for O Levels. The coverage of the 4 themes will be completed in 4 sessions. Time will also be allocated to prime the student towards Practical.

Highly Recommended For:
Students who want a recap of essential concepts in each topic.

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Closed for the year.

Solid Foundation For Sec 3: O Level Combined Physics
This lesson series is for students who want to organise their learning for physics. Student will be taught to manage this subject and score.

Highly Recommended For:
Sec 3 students who did not do well for physics in Sec 3, want to get this subject taken care of once and for all by deepening their understanding and application for the subject, being exposed to true learning, transform their performances in Sec 4 and secure their As in O Levels.

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O Level Pure Physics
1-1 Tuition: $700 for 4 sessions of 2 hours

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October Upgrade For Sec 4: O Level Pure Physics
Closed for the year.

Solid Foundation For Sec 3: O Level Pure Physics
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2019 Classes: Express Physics
Once confirmed, students will be placed on a queue list. Lesson will start in December. Do confirm early to avoid disappointment.

Highly Recommended For:
Students who are taking Express Pure Physics or Express Combined Science Physics when they start their Sec 3 next year and want to gain an edge over their peers.

Rates as stated above.

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*The students will be covering the same topics.
*All rates are subjected to changes.

***Unable To Find A Matching Schedule?
Not To Worry.

Here Are Some Extremely Useful FREE Resources For Your Child's Self-Directed Learning.
It Will Help Them Visualise And Deepen Their Understanding Of Key Physics Concepts.
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