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Discipline Is The Most Reliable Delivery Man

Does this sound familiar to you? Discipline drives us to do the work we don't like but is required. Discipline keeps our irrational fear in check. Discipline keeps us going when our curiosity, motivation and excitement fizzles out.

Dave Berke says it best in his article on the importance of discipline.

Fear and anxiety get to us at different times and place. Right now, students are preparing for their prelims and O levels. After all is said and done, holding on to discipline and moving on with discipline will make all the difference.

No matter how quick-witted or discerning a student is, O levels test how well-prepared the student is. Students who are able to exercise discipline during this period of time usually handle the O levels examination much better.

Unfortunately, we may not get the desired effects when we force discipline down someone's throat. The meat we impose on others is usually deemed as poisonous. They will find us naggy. My students felt that way when I preached to them about discipline the usual way when I was still a rookie teacher.

Perhaps, sharing with them other people's life lesson in the forms of video or music and how discipline turned their life around and allowed them to achieve what they wanted would be a great start. As far as O Level Physics goes, I can help your child achieve the result that he wants through my tutelage.


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