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Building Our Intelligence One Practice At A Time

Ever had the suspicion that we are just not good enough?

You are not alone.

This is even more so for our children today when the merit nature of our school pits our children against one another. This may be necessary to stimulate their growth to a certain minimum level within a limited time frame like in an arms race. One side effect of this is when our children take it to heart about the differences in results between him and another individual and start to doubt his ability and potential. The worse part is when parents start to think the same and show it. This is a modern tragedy.

Fortunately, research tells us clearly that intelligence is not fixed even though some of us may start off with better 'wiring' for a particular area. We can always learn and practice to become better version of ourselves everyday. This process continues to overhaul our initial 'wiring'.

How shall we learn?

We can learn by imitating what others are doing. There is nothing wrong with that. But if we look at some cutting edge research findings, we learn how we operate with two different modes and the importance of developing our own neural chunks to respond to problems.

Prof Barbara Oakley explains this in detail.

I incorporate research information into my teaching. Let your child gain an unfair advantage today through my tutelage.


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