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2021 Physics Small Group Tuition

Want to conquer physics in 2021? Let physicsSGT help you and your friends. Why physicsSGT? 1. Great Rates For Quality Lessons. 2. Customised Notes. 3. Improve from fail to A1/A2. 4. Very Small Group Size. 5. Experienced MOE Teacher. 6. Conducive Learning Environment. Students' Profile: -Cedar Girls' Secondary School -Methodist Girls' School -St Nicholas' Girl's School -Anderson Secondary School -Commonwealth Secondary School -Yishun Town Secondary School -Whitley Secondary School Express Pure Physics for sec 3/4 $200 per 1.5 h session for 1-to-1. Each student: $90 per 1.5 h session if in a group of 2. Each student: $60 per 1.5 h session if in a group of 3. Venue Near Wisteria Mall. 3 Simple Steps To Start Mastering Physics: 1. Form A Group Of 3. 2. Contact Me. 3. Confirm Schedule. Contact Mr CK Now! ***Still On The Waiting List? Not To Worry. Here Are Some Extremely Useful FREE Resources For Your Child's Self-Directed Learning. It Will Help