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2020 Physics Small Group Tuition

Getting your physics ready for 2020? Let me help you and your friends. Why Me? 1. Great rates for quality lessons that you won't find anywhere. 2. Carefully crafted notes that facilitates recall and application. 3. Improve from fail to A1/A2. My students score because they truly understand physics! 4. Small group size maximises attention for each student. 5. Experienced MOE teacher. 6. Conducive learning environment. Students' Profile: -Cedar Girls' Secondary School -Methodist Girls' School -St Nicholas' Girl's School -Anderson Secondary School -Commonwealth Secondary School -Yishun Town Secondary School -Whitley Secondary School Express Pure Physics for sec 3/4 $120 per 1.5 h session for 1-to-1. Each student: $70 per 1.5 h session if in a group of 2. Each student: $50 per 1.5 h session if in a group of 3. Venue One Block Away From Wisteria Mall. 3 Simple Steps To Start Mastering Physics: 1. Form a group of 3 classmates. 2. Conta