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Drilling To The Top Of PISA


But questions were always raised for splendor.

Is Singapore School all about drilling as pondered by this article?

No way.

It seems like people have fallen behind times or perhaps school is still associated to drilling or they just hate that next kid with the best results.

Here's the fact from someone who've been through the school systems in Singapore as a student and teacher:
Singapore schools use a variety of inquiry and direct approach to help stimulate the curiosity and organise the learning of students while being alert to neuroscience findings and cutting edge technology such as AI and VR.

That's the direction we are generally on. We embrace a paradoxical approach of being open and sharing in order to achieve the zenith in developing our the only precious natural resources that we have, that is, the unlimited minds of the future.

Sure, results vary with different teachers. But you will be surprised to find stubborn colleagues opening up to new approaches. That is probably why they are worthy teachers - individuals with a character but is still very open to chances to become better.

People can change. So will systems. So I must say Singapore's education system has gone a long way.  We are pretty good at keeping in mind that results are just data to tell us what is working or what is not. If we take the bottom seats in PISA, you can be sure we won't just sit still and will try different ways and look at more latest research material in learning. Even as we top the charts in PISA, do you think we will just fold our arms and remain there like a statue?

We looked far ahead and planned with limited resources in mind. PISA is just a side dish, acquiring the capabilities to conquer all variations of VUCA is one of the main. So we seem to have the advantage over competitions. As for gaining the edge in challenging school subjects such as physics, I can help your child with that through my tutelage.


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