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The Better A1 Student

Who is a better student when everyone is finally getting A1s?

I would tend to vote for the student who has gotten into a growth mindset advocated by Prof Carol Dweck.

As you can see with the flowchart above, a student with a growth mindset is likely to have greater ambitions and achievements so you can save a lot of breath nagging at them too about their life or manners or what they should be or what passion they should look into.

It is very easy to check if your child has evolved into a growth mindset. Just give him or her a scenario A and B. Scenario A is easy while B presents more challenges and complications. If your child happily choose B after some thought, he or she is quite likely to have shifted into the growth mindset.

What about you?

The growth mindset was logically sound and allows an individual to develop and unlock a higher potential. But, it sure took me a while to get into the growth mindset even though I saw its immensity in the beginning.

As for my fellow teachers in the education sector, this growth mindset will allow you to make fun of the restrains of our favourite CEP ratings and leave it in the dust and stone it was written in.

So who is the better person when everyone is getting their A1s?

The one who exercises a growth mindset and better values before the meek or weak or when no one is watching.


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