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Visualise Physics

Physics is tough enough when all we see are numbers, formulas and a few static diagrams. And tuition, mentoring or apprenticeship is not always aligned to our schedule or budget.

They say help comes to those who attempt to help themselves. So here are some simulations from Open Source Physics @ Singapore and PhET Interactive Simulation by University of Colorado Boulder and YouTube to help them deepen their understanding and application of the various topics even without their teachers or tutors. Hope it helps.

Physical Quantities, Units And Measurement
1. Pendulum

2. Vernier Calipers

3. Micrometer Screw Gauge

1. Graph Of Motion
The Moving Man
Click to Run
2. Graph Of Projectile

3. Ramp
The Ramp

1. Forces And Motion (Basic)

2. Forces (1 Dimension)
Forces in 1 Dimension
3. Forces And Motion
Forces and Motion
Click to Run
4. Forces And Motion (Ramp)
Ramp: Forces and Motion
Click to Run
5. Friction

6. Lunar Lander

Mass, Weight, Density
1. Density

2. Buoyancy In Water

3. Buoyancy In Air
Balloons & Buoyancy
Click to Run

Turning Effect Of Force
1. Balancing Act

Work, Energy, Power
1. Skate Park (Basic)

2. Skate Park
Energy Skate Park
Click to Run

Kinetic Model Of Matter
1. States Of Matter

2. Atomic Interactions

3. Gas Properties
Gas Properties
Click to Run

Transfer Of Thermal Energy
1. Conduction In Solid (Metal)

Thermal Properties Of Matter
1. Energy Forms And Changes
Energy Forms and Changes
Click to Run

1. Bending Light

General Waves
1. Wave On A String

EM Spectrum
1. EM Spectrum Song

1. What Does Sound Looks Like?
2. Sound
Click to Run

Static Electricity
1. Charges And Fields
2. Electric Field
Electric Field of Dreams
Click to Run
3. Electric Field Hockey
Electric Field Hockey
Click to Run
4. Static Electricity With Balloons
5. Static Electricity With Door Handles

Current Of Electricity
1. Battery Voltage = EMF
Battery Voltage
Click to Run
2. Conductivity
Click to Run
3. Battery + Resistor
Battery-Resistor Circuit
Click to Run
4. Ohm's Law, V = I R
5. Resistance In Wire

DC Circuits
1. Circuit Construction Kit
Circuit Construction Kit (AC+DC)
Click to Run

Practical Electricity

Magnetism And Electromagnetism
1. Magnets And Electromagnets
Magnets and Electromagnets
Click to Run

Electromagnetic Induction
1. Faraday's Law
2. Faraday's Electromagnetic Lab
Faraday's Electromagnetic Lab
Click to Run

3. Generator


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